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What a Waste

Been helping my mother clean out the basement of her house…we had some old equipment so we decided to get rid of it and took it to the ‘tech recycling’ place…needless to say I was shocked by the amount of outdated technology that was there…we really do live in a throwaway society and this is one of the best examples of it that I have ever seen.

image is good to get rid of TV’s but replace them with books not new flat screen’s!


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More Trail Decorations!

Now that the snow is all gone we get shot of some coyote skat dried up Loki rediscovered while out hiking the loop..looks like deer fur but this is as close as I want to get. I think I have covered coyote poop enough now too.


And some thoughtful people dropped a load of construction goods along our hiking route…I wonder what they are going to be building?….I am so excited!




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One mans junk

Whenever we have the car on garbage day eve it seems like there is something I want to stop for. Elvis clocks, cross-country skis, birdbath bases…I don’t stop usually..this week I did a double driveby on an old suitcase but settled on this 2×4 structure. Jango sits on an ottoman and watches out the window so I am going to turn it into a bigger perch where he can sleep on it too. The bed in J*s room is high so I am going to make it double duty as a higher step for getting into bed. I am getting close to finishing off the floor and the shed so it seemed like a perfect time to introduce more work and clutter into the mix. I put some wheels on it from a piece I got out of the garbage in the falls which had nice wheels.

This project could also morph into a new inside wood storage bin. Or kindling and firestarter bin. Or a rocket. Once the rain lets up it’s on to shed festivus.



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