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Boxed Veggies

oops..where the heck did my writeup go?

Well Spring is casually making a go of ending the cold weather..slowly. We have started in on our garden..inside in all of the windows we have smal plants on the go and so today ( or the other day since I am rewriting this) we cleared off the garden boxes and replanted the early plants ( a little late but whatever!)..lettuce, kale, spinach, beans..we need to get some onions while I am on the subject! As of right now we have 5 of the 6 boxes planted..We DO have the other 8 new boxes to plant (once we amend the soil) so we should still have room for the multitude of tomatoes on the way!



..and just a couple shots of our weathers outside concrete ornaments which we did not store over the winter..they are beginning to fall apart..amazing that there are actually green places in the flower beds..a little anyway!




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Got a load of crap dropped in our yard..again. Our last load turned our ordinary squash into super squash so we figured we should get some more before the snow flies..which makes me sad.


Manure, shit, feces,’s all crap to us! hehe


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Hot Garden

It has been the area we are supposed to get around 90-100mm of rain in far we have had 2-5mm..not much..and coupled with the fact that it has been hovering near 30c for weeks it means extra watering. The well is in good working order and we have been watering all the time so the garden has been growing like mad..we have never had snow-peas get this tall this fast before and everything else is doing great too:





..and we figured out what these massive growths are now that they are beginning to flower, they are sunflowers…and since the only seeds we had were black sunflower seeds we assume that this is what has been growing here..not that we planted any but when throwing down seeds for the chickens to eat must have caused this..cause there is no other explaination..



….but I had to relocate the sunflowers due to some excavation work..more details coming soon!


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only a month behind! the warm days continue the garden continues to grow. We have had salad for a far I have dropped 25 pounds..from my waist to my ass. hehe

basil, onions, marigolds and a rotten dog

..forgive the shots too..A* took them.

rotten dogs are poping up all over the place

..we missed a couple of shots..we have also taken many plants and put them in various places in the yard to see the best places for high heat veggies to grow.

..and lettuce up the ying-yang..

The garden boxes have been great. I do complain that I want a bigger garden but I am always impressed with how many veggies we get from these 6 boxes when the veggies do come in. There is also a spot in the yard where wheat is growing..I dunno where from but it is there. I am going to collect the seeds for next year and see if I can start growing some grain.


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Mini spinach how to

Want to grow some mini spinach..simple! Plant spinach at the usual time and apply water and no direct sunlight for 45 days. Done! The spinach is 2-3 inches high and it looks like its starting to go to flower in an attempt to seed..crazy. I have not even had a freekin spinach salad this spring after having it for 2 months last year…that’s depressing. I would cry about it but I am scared a tear may fall in my over-watered garden!



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starting veggies and prep work in the garden..

..we decided to plant indoors afterall..after discussing it and saying we were not going to do it we decided to do it anyway. A* started a bunch of tomatoes, basil, some ornimental grasses and such..basically 1/2 of the garden boxes have their square foot spoken for.


During the planting I noted to A* that there was a squirrel outside so she took a break to take a shot. Just to make it more challenging for her I constantly adjust the scope on the pellet gun so that it does not shoot the day you need to aim 1 tick higher..another day it needs to be 3 ticks lower..This comment should also help to show how ofter A* checks this blog.

aim high..or low..I think.

Anyway..with all the work going on inside I needed to go outside to do some work. I ripped down that piece of shit greenhouse type structure I built last worked great but without constantly monitoring it the veggies that did start to grow got burnt out..too dry and too hot. We also said that this year we were going to spend more time making sure the pH levels were all OK since it is not something we have been really aware of. We tested the levels of all the boxes and determined the average to be 7.25..or in other words too akaline. It needed some more acid to grow the veggies we want so I added some Peat Moss and tilled it in..I also added some compost from last year that had broken down..All the boxes are now DONE and ready for planting..last day for frost is by then the soil should have properly stablized..and the veggie season can really begin!

'..I missed him again!'


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Drilling for Maple Sap

maple tools

…well the niece and nephews were out last weekend and they don’t get out that much to the country so I wanted to have some fun outdoorsy things to do to keep them busy..there is always the beaver dam, collecting eggs from the chickens ( which they always seem amazed by! ) and since it is maple syrup season I figured I would tap some trees and show them how to get maple syrup for themselves..or at very least how to tap a tree and then I told them the process the sap goes through to become syrup.

The tools needed are:

  • a wood drill with a bit that is slightly bigger than the tap you are going to put in
  • maple taps..I bought mine off of second hand 2 years ago
  • a hammer to tap in the tappy tap tap
  • small amount of wire
  • wire snips
  • container to hold sap..mine are ghetto…I had no proper containers so I had to improvise.

tap that tree!

It is really simple to actually..make sure the drill is charged. mine lasted 2 taps. At least it was enough to show the kids how it worked. Drill the hole 2-3 feet off the ground on the south side of the tree that gets sun. Syrup runs when it is hot and the sun helps with that. Have you ever noticed that when you sit in the sun for a couple of hours you seem warm? Well the same technology which powers the sun can also make sap run up the inside of a tree! Technology at work for you!! Yes, so 2-3 feet. Drill the hole..I go around 2 inches in.

the tap

Tap in the tap. Just tap it in. Tap, tap, tap…just tap it in. It wants to go into the tree..its the taps hole so just tap it in. Sorry..once I started it reminded me of Happy Gilmore. If you have no idea what I am talking about just smile and nod. ANyway, tap it until it is firmly set as it will have a litre of sap in a container attached to it so you want to be sure it is secure.

this is actually a tap that is slightly too big..not my best work

Take a nail and make a hole in the container you will be using to attached it to the tap you just tapped in.

make a hole for running wire

I used a large cranberry bottle, a small water bottle and a pasta sauce bottle to collect the sap. Ghetto! I am sure that a professional maple syrup producer would not be pleased to see me using whatever I could..but ( once again ) my philosopy is to get it done, not make it least in the first iteration. ( which is why my posts also have so many spelling mistakes! )


Put wire through holes and attach it to the tap so that the drip from the tap goes into said container.

That is it really..repeat the process on as many trees and taps you you wait for warm days and cold nights!

ghetto! I guess it is good to improvise..if you have to!

Oh..some of you might be wondering how to know which trees to tap since it is winter and some of the maple trees are difficult to identify without leaves on them..Well I have developed a sureproof winter method for maple tree idenitification…I memorize which trees are maples in the summer. It is foolproof! hehe.

hehe..this one makes me laugh..any port in a storm!

Gonna wait until I have a couple of days worth of sap saved before I reduce the sap and make syrup..don’t worry…I will post up!


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