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Vapor Barrier and Insulation Work that’s a long one! Hehe, having fun with the videos but they are fully on the terrible side of things. Working on it as well as techniques has been fun. I will mention if one is actually worth far the editing process is cutting out several hours with of me talking about everything that is not relevant to the video at hand.

Time warp wise this was slightly posted on in October. When we did the work.


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Tiny House Lighting V2

Well, finished off v2 of the lighting. We wanted to change out all of our temporary connections for more secure spade connections and connect our control panel for inside the tiny house and control the lighting..all done and ready for v3…in 3 more days. The title is not click bait when you actually have a zombie light connection on the control panel!


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Doubling the Garden Progress…

Doubling the Garden Progress…

We loved the upsizing we did to our garden in the spring…to the point that 7 months later we decided to expand things again. We only had 1 big garden bed at the end of last season after harvest. After that point we created 4 smaller of which had garlic planted in it. COme spring we made 2 new smaller beds and 3 large beds along the rock walls…to the point this fall where we have 1 very large bed, 6 small beds ( 7 if we include the triangle bed we made..) and 3 large winding beds along walls.

The area where we wanted to expand had a gentle hill on it and was at the end of our small beds…or did. We removed the hill to level off things in prep for spring bed creation..and have started using part of the dirt to create additional flower/shrub beds for all of the things we still need to plant.

If you are asking whether this is a ‘chicken or the egg’ situation…both are accurate. We needed more dirt to create shrub beds and the easiest situation to get the dirt was to expand the garden..but we wantd the garden expanded…almost equally.


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Fall Turns

Fall Turns
A record breaking zucchini!
8 years is up and our battery bank is toast. Long live the new Trojan T-105’s!
The first night with lights in the bunkie.

I would do a better job of describing the rest if WordPress would show me my uploaded and placed images. I am betting bike shots. A melon grown from our company pile, harvesting day and curing or veggies. 120lbs of potatoes. Great garden year and still harvesting lettuce, Bok Choi, kohlrabi, carrots, beets and Swiss chard after an early frost. Followed by 3 weeks of warm weather. Killed the tomatoes. We had harvested many and canned many too but there was a late batch coming on which would have made it based on the weather afterwards. Oh well, still a great harvest for the mostly new garden.

..and the tiny home/Bunkie/home office work keeps pressing forward. Wiring and insulation is in. Lights roughed in and usable via a fuse bar and a neat control panel.


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Garden Growing

Well, the garden has been doing OK..soil needs more work as there was too much clay to fix all at once. We made the bed too wide and it is hard to really work as a result but we will make due for now. We also created 2 new smaller and less wide beds for next year ( the park pic ). One thing we did do with these 2 beds is add char ( near 10% ) to help things grow..I have seen that it does not work out in year 1 ( but that was OK as we mostly want to establish the bed now and did not expect vigorous growth in the new beds)…we will see! Next year we are going to have much more concentrated beds.

..and a shot of A* from a recent foggy hike.



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New Bed Beginnings

…this was the beginning. What started with a group of 3 bushes became 11 new bush beds and 20 bushes. A* will not upload the shots from her phone but I am hoping she will read this and post them as a last resort.


End of the Season?

End of the Season?

Looks like winter is here..the end of all things green and wonderful.

But before we got the snow we had a nice day to finish up the chores. Drain cistern, give everything a go over, turn off the outside water pipe..all the same as every fall. A new addition this year is removal of the gutters in prep of snow sliding off the new metal roof.







Everything we planted this year seems to be doing OK. Having spent so many years monitoring the (so many) plants and shrubs and watching progress has made landscaping least from a recognizing standpoint. While we wait for the snow to start sliding off the roof ( and it ending the sliding) we have to plan and prep cutting area and plan an extended garden with a small orchard.

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