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Trail Camera Show

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..some trail camera shots from one of the trail cameras…over a period of years and only a sampling of the 1000’s. Some of the shots are actually taken during one of my other Loki returning g after her operation..snow shoi g, digging a hole to the ground to see how deep the snow is, etc..

And a sample of the new one…works pretty well and I love the new black light feature. Undetectable!



Had a late night visitor last night..the drunkard nearly took out the Japanese maple as he drove across the lawn..wrong turns usually means slow down and trun around, not peel through an unplowed area over lawn near small trees. He is lucky he did not get stuck or this post might be a news article reporting a severe beating.

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Long Term Security

We were having some issues with batteries with the scoutguard trail camera ever since I dropped it and snapped off the battery onto ebay I went and for $6 I got a 6v cord attachment. With our 6v golf cart batteries which run our place we lost 1 battery..totally fried..image

Which means we needed to take 2 batteries out of the bank to keep everything wired @ we have this battery to run a trail camera now. Using some spare wiring I hooked it all up.


We still need to hook it up to a charger but it is all working fine now. The trail camera uses 8 AAA batteries a month so the cord should pay for itself pretty I just need a place to covertly place all the gear and hopefully i never have to think ‘I wonder if the trail camera batteries are still good?’



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Encouraging Egg Thieves

..what the frink? WHere the hell did my writeup go?..lets try again:

Was out cleaning behind the shed and while at it I noticed something inside some old kitchen was 3 eggs. It must have been while Ma hen was broody and was still in the coop..the chickens could not all get in to lay eggs so some of them ( or one ) must have took matters into their own hands and found a new place..but we had no way of knowing for sure how old the eggs were…so rather than throw them away I left them as offerings to the local raven population.


..I tried a similar experiment a couple of years ago trying to lure in a crow or 2..and ended up with 30 crows visiting every this will be the last experiment as I don’t want ravens hanging around during chick season…and just so I get it I also changed the location of the trail-camera temporarily..don’t hold your breath waiting for those shots as I only upload every 6 months or so..hehe



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Look What Popped In

..hopefully to stay this time. It is our long lost liberated chiminea! ( Dropped off during the day so I have no idea of where it has been ( and I am too lazy to check the trail camera and truthfully I don’t really want to know who it was). Not that I am complaining, I appreciate it! Nice to know someone felt guilty about liberating it enough to have it returned and besides that one instance we have never had real need to test out the security cams..let’s keep it that way! I wonder if the chiminea was on a trip around the world these past 4 years?

I don’t hold a grudge..mostly due to the fact that I had a concrete dog lawn ornament in my bedroom for 4 years that was found on a scavenger hunt (found in someones front lawn)..I returned it with a note (and when I drove back a week later they had it chained to their deck)..Yes, I know, it was wrong but we all do stupid things as teenagers…I DID return it!!!

..the chiminea is now called the ‘chiminea of karma’image


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Other Security

..just wanted a shot at one of the gates in the doubled up gates on the other routes into out place. This is the smaller of the 2 gates and is closed almost all the time too..especially during hunting season. The funny thing is that with all of the rain and rivulets running down this road/trail the gate seems way higher then it did 5 years ago..I used to be able to easily hop over it! image

Sometimes it is hard to get a complete picture of everything I mention as without seeing it in pictures or me mentioning it how would anyone ever know? Most of this is in reponse to a post the other day mentioning the safety of my chain at the immediate bottom of my driveway…I still will be doing some minor adjustments but I wanted people to know there are other ( and better ) measures to prevent trespassing which are safe(r)…but with how drunk people are around here on occasion ( not me or A*!..mostly) I am not so sure anything is safe. I once saw a guy so drunk he tried to drink a cheeseburger.


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Sweet Finds

Driving to work on Friday on my motorcycle and saw these sticking out of someones trash so I called A* to grab them with the car. 3 window grates that I will eventually use on the shed or a future shipping container. I also found a bunch of mud at a concert..muddy pre-wetfest..but it cleared up for the actual concert. I was sad though as I didn’t get to see anybody doing mud-angels. I had enough mud on my shoes to add to the dirt for my musical lettuce to help it my salad rocks. Groan.



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ScoutGuard Auto Shots or Winter Time Lapse

..some over the winter shots from my KeepGuard/ScoutGuard Trail camera..the dates are off by a day or 2. Moved it around over the course of a couple of weeks. Nothing really out of the ordinary but it gives you some idea as to the snow over the winter..also you can see A* working on the trim in one of the pictures from a previous post…and now that I look at these shots can also see that near the beginning of March we had a storm with high winds..sheared off one of the blades of the 2 windmills so there is only 1 remaining..and also the wind was so strong that it blew over one of the is still in the shots but hanging over the platform it usually sits on.

With this many images it is hard to get a good layout..

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