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This weather is not going to last…

..way to warm..I have a feeling we are going to get walloped. The seed from the cat-tails on the driveway were blowing up to the house. I took a trip down to investigate and soak up the sun (practically tshirt weather). The view is of the old walking path previous to the full driveway which we used in year 1 in association with the old road. Then the same path looking up. It was a nightmare in the snow and a horror in the spring…I don’t miss it. The driveway ain’t pretty but it was a hell of a lot better than the trek up this muddy bank!



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The driveway..or mudway

The driveway is becoming the usual spring mess. Winter and summer are the best for the unfinished street/drieway, spring is horrible. What was hard becomes 1-4 inches of mud. Still, it is way better then before the driveway and it only lasts for a month so we need to make do. image



The truck is usually fine but it almost got stuck on a usually fine part of the driveway!

The plan in the future is to have a real driveway as part of the private road..but we are unsure as to how far down the private road is going to come as well as if the private road will ever come down this far. It is a temporary driveway that has been in 2 years now. Once all of that is sorted out we will move on to doing more major work like a foundation..we began talking about it in the fall but quicly realized that there would be issues until the road was better..and I also might try to get a shipping container in here for storage if I can find someone to drive one in. In a couple of weeks it should also be solid enough to resume propane delivery again.


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Winter ‘Driveway’ Driving

With no actual driveway in we have been using an old road to get into our is NOT pleasant or easy to drive. It took me a while to release my deathgrip on the steering wheel when driving in and grow comfortable driving in with the truck..but now that the road has been driven over in the winter and beaten down and frozen solid it is MUCH easier to take. We drive about 1.5km in on this road and in the summer/fall it takes us 9 minutes. Not really blazing speed but it gives you an idea how rough it is. These days we get out in 4 minutes..the hugh bumps and dips have frozen into smoothness..and I must say it is MUCH better then we could have hoped for. In the fall I remember the conversations about how bad winter would be..but this is making things MUCH easier to take..We still have not gotten stuck or had any issues..I hope this keeps up!

..the first is packed down well now!..

I really hate this time of year for daylight though..We leaver for work it is dark..we get hime from work and it’s dark..but we are over a month out from the shortest day of the year so everyday will get a little better…

..the rough patch in the summer..smoothest part in the winter.

 ..I cannot wait to have a driveway all to myself someday!

..coming up the hill..

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Winter Plowing for those without plows.

the 'plow' in action

..we have no plow and it will get tougher to get in as the winter progresses..and nobody is going to plow that road so I needed to take measures into my own hands. When in doubt ask the locals with camps in the area. My next door neighbor was out at the camp as I passed by the other day so I popped out to chat with him. Over the course of the conversation he described a tried and tested method to assure the road is passable without using a plow: a tree. When is a tree not a tree and at what point does it become a plow..the answer to both of these is this: when you drag it behind your truck. Yes..grab a bushy spruce and cut it off so it is 15 feet long. Attach it to the rear hitch and drive. As you go through thick snow you will create ruts..the tree pulled behind the truck does 2 things..levels out the snow behind the truck and fills in the ruts. If you keep doing this after snorms it will create a road of snow that is on top of the the more snow the thicker the winter progresses it can be as thick as 4 feet according to my neighbor. So..I tried it….after a couple of storms the road is in great shape! gone!

..while the tool is not pretty it is pretty effective in battling uneven driveways!

storage is easy and replacing the plow if it breaks costs nothing!

...and the results are hard to argue with!

You can see there IS a rut in this picture..too much sun melts some areas and they become soft and you sink in..there is only 2 spots that really get sun so this is not a this shot is right at my driveway and I think there is an artesian spring somewhere on the hill on my property cause this area is always wet..even when conditions are dry. Either way..locals as a source of information are a super assett!! Works like a charm!


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Now that is what I call a snowstorm!

the homestead...with snow...

Well the inevitable finally happened..we got our first real storm last night…it had snowed but not more then 2-3 inches..which is easy to drive in. I had gone out and shovelled late in the evening last night ( around the truck ) but today we need to get to work!

..the dogs love snow days..A* gets to stay home...I get to go to work. Nova loves it so much she shoots lasers out of her eyes to celebrate.

..the driveway was not packed down but I did not have any issues driving out. I did leave huge ruts in the road/driveway..I need a way to keep that from happening because once it hardens in that configuration I am going to have issues…

junk snow art..I don't know art but I know what I like..and I like it when snow covers the things I don't like so I don't have to see it.

..the other thing about the drivway was that there were around 15 trees blocking my way out. The show was heavy so I kept having to stop and shake the trees in the way to remove the snow..then they would pop up and out of the way..this is a temporary solution..I will need to cut some down. Overall the first snow storm went better than expected.

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