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Preparation for flooring..

..So our living room is now a combination of bedroom and living room…and kitchen if you want to get technical.  Yes, we have begun to move our bedroom worldly possessions into the common area so that we can begin doing the floor in our bedroom. My sister is away starting Thursday so we will not have to sleep in the we are doing some work. There still is a crappy storage closet that is ready to fall apart in the bedroom so over the next couple of nights we will be moving the clothes out and getting rid of it. It is an ‘ikea’sih’ model and while it suited our needs for a long while its day in the sun has come and gone..and we are activly looking for one that suits our place on…once one comes up we will be all set..but in the meantime nothing is better than something. Getting rid of this also means that I can clear up some room in the shed by taking my old dresser out and starting to use it again. The dresser I have had since childhood and its solid..A* re-stained it a couple of years ago and its a little more orange then I would like but its a solid piece of furniture.

Anyway, back to the flooring! Yes, so on the order for this week:

  • make sure floor boards are square..
  • plane floor boards for bedroom + 20%
  • get 5-6″ wood screws

Once this prep work is done I will be good to go. Our goal is not to have a perfect place..I originally paid $250 for 600-800 sq/ft of rough cut lumber. I have completed most of the window sills and trim work with the smaller pieces of wood from that roguh cut lumber..planed it, cross cut it and have it all ready to go ( needs stain ). I was in the lumber store last week and noted that for each 8ft length of pine it cost $ by my estimates I have used around $175 of the $250 I spent on everything left only really cost me $75..the issue is more that I am running out of time and if I want perfection the wood will not get planer before the snow flies..then I will not get it done. So, we are going to get it done..once again, bedroom first to learn from mistakes then onto the rest of the place..and once the wood is gone we will be complete!

On an unrelated note..I think I might have lost my camera today.

Some pictures of the old floor…if you want to call it a floor:

old pic. this was befoe we painted the floor and varathaned it..this picture was taken the first day we 'moved' in.

..painted floor and a camo dog...Heavy duty fllor paint off tints from hardware store..lucky the color was close.

..we only had enough paint for the floor in 2 we went 2 tone...finished hearthpad included for free.

..hehe..this was underneath the 2 had the grey, we added the extra paint and drywall mud ourselves..Look Ma! I am an artist! early look at what the floor could look like...these boards were used for trim..

..these boards were planer further too..not as dark..

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Wood Burning Disco Inferno

Don’t get your hopes up..disco is not back…nor is there an inferno…but we do have woodstove heat! A* had some late work to do so I came home and started up the first fire of the year..I am always a little apprehensive the first time I light a fire after a long hiatus…did I do a good job cleaning the chiminy this everything sealed back up, do these pants make my bum look know. As soon as the fire roars up and the eco-fan starts turning all of that angst goes up the flue with the smoke..I love wood stoves! As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago we had been using the propane heater to keep it warm and it got to 21C if the conditions were good and we did not go in and outside too much. Well,  when I started the fire it was 12C in the house. WIthin 3 hours it was 25C..NICE! As an added bonus I also brought home a pizza and threw it in the oven of the does not cook as rapidly as a regular stove..but when it comes out it is SOOO good.

Here is to a new season of heat, pizze, bread and prosperity..and safety of course!


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Wood Stove Prep Work

Well, we are only a day away from November..October really has been spooktacular hasn’t it?

Only 1 day away from the official woodstove season and we still need to do some prep work on the stove. The gaskets ( rope ) had been really loose at the end of last woodstove season so last week A* bout some new gaskets with adhesive. We had a halloween party and I am a little under the weather so A* decided to tackle the gasket. First thing you need is to determine what size gasket you need for your particular stove..we went with a 5/8 gasket since its a small stove and that is what the instruction manual told us to get…but that was SOOOOO last week. Today A* cleaned out the old gaskets and adhesive with a wire brush. Then she applied the new adhesive and waited 5 minutes for it to set. Next thing I knew she was cutting the gasket on the second door..and was done. the whole job took 10 minutes..Why can’t I get those jobs! this case I know why..and it had something to do with a zombie costume and bunch of beer and a peppering of jack daniels and diet pepsi.

After a couple of hours I poured myself off the sofa and attempted to fix a loose handle that made opening the front door impossible. I had to take off a piece of the dood to get access to the latch..but once again, 10 minutes later I was all actually took me longer to find the proper drill bit then it did to do all the work. I think this might also mean that I need to oranize my shed before I put a motorcycle and scooter in there for the winter!

Bring on the burning wood!

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squirrel buster 2 weeks later

..OK, the ‘squirrel buster’ was not a rousing success. So far it has amassed nothing but a mess..since I built it with mesh and not a lot of room to work with it is hard to clean. Its been in operation for 2 weeks and it looks like it just came out of the box..what box you are wondering..well if shit was shipped in a box instead of bowels it would be that kind of box.

ON a lighter note..the squirrels have been going the way of the dodo..or are not around as much as they were in the past. It might just be the fact that the trap is acting like a deterrant and keeps the furry savages at bay..but I have also instituted ‘an eye for an eye’ law for the squirrels and have a note up to that states the the female squirrels don’t really care but I know the males are thinking twice about coming into my yard and stealing my nuts…sorry, that was too easy to pass up.

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October is Getting Cold

..OK so its the 3rd week of october the frost is now a recurring theme. Earlier in the month when we had our first frost we lost all of our tomatoes and cucumbers that we had left..We have a household standing wood stove until November. In previous years we sometimes used a kerosene heater to keep the place warm(er) but this year we have opted to use the propane heater. Last year we might have used the propane 4-5 times for the year and with that usage and our propane instanteous water heater we only used $20 worth of propane ( we have around $800 worth in 2 tanks ) so we thought we would have enough wiggle room to allow us to splurge a little. With the temperature outside at 3C the inside is 21C..nice. Don’t worry..we do have batteries in the carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector.

Looking forward to next month when we get the woodstove going…wood heat is so nice and since we use the cookstove for baking we can also start making bread and having pizza and such..not a minute too soon as I am running out of things to BBQ.

Yes, my back is still in terrible an appointement with a doctor in a day or 2 so I can get a doctors note and then get into a chiropractor..if that is spelled right.

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to build a better trap

Oh crap…I ‘built’ the trap.

OK..first an explaination…or a philosophy..or an can choose for pressure. So, I am not a perfectionist. ON the opposite side of this I subscribe to more of a ‘scrum’ philosophy on matters of construction..especially when I don’t know what I am doing..I like to do something instead of thinking and rethinking. How many times in your life have you thought about to the point where you have ( in the end ) decided it was not worth it ( after spending a night thinking about it ). Personally I like to get stuff done when I can and one way I do this is to say to myself: ‘self, you have 1 hour to complete this job to the best of your abilities.’..rather than ‘I am going to start this and see where it goes’. At the end of the hour I wanted to have a complete squirrel trap…not another 4 hours of work..and with that in mind I set out to create ‘Squirrel Catcher 1.0’.


– some scrap osb ( chipboard )
– small chicken coop wire of a thicker gauge
– some scrap 2×4 from the coop
– screws
– nails

OK, so I cut the osb and made an open ended box. then I cut the wire mesh and covered the end and attached it. then I cut a hole so the squirrel could get access, then I made a trap door holder and cut a piece of wood..the final touches..a piece of tinfil with peanut butter inside attached to a string which in turn is attached to the top of the door…

So..the squirrel goes in and tugs on the tinfoil it pulls on the trap door and the trap door falls..then the squirrel cannot escape…muhahahahhahhaha.

It is perfect(ly aweful)! OK, so its no Picasso..but I am no Alvin Eptsien!..hehe..It should work..I know that I need to make it better but I am not going to at this point…it cost me nothing but an hour of my time…I will set it up and see what happens…stay tuned..or tooned if I catch Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

Lesson Learned: I need to spend 2 hours to make it super awesome..but if version 1.0 does its job there will be no version 2.

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Oh back ( part 2 )


Now I’ve done it. I have been taking it slow for a couple of weeks and my back has started to feel better..which is good because I have so much winter prep work to do…so I was just outside and getting ready to start chunking up some more wood..but there was still my old woodstove in the way so I decided to move myself with a dollie..the moving king od dollie, not the babie kind of dollie. So, the old woodstove is on a small incline and it took me 5 minutes just to get the dollie underneath but finally I did it..then I started to pull the stove up the incline. ONe of the wheels got stuck in an awkward position so I had to give it more gusto..and I did. 3 steps later I realized that I needed to lie down, FAST or I was going to keel over due to back pain. CRAP!

I had been back at the gym all last week too and then this happens..major setback. Does’t my back realize how bad I need it this month..the snow is going to fly within 2 months and I still need to plane the floor and chop 3 cords of firewood. No respect..I am officialy writing that back out of my will and am now goign to donate all of my wordly possessions to my hair since it has never let me down. don’t realize how often you use your back until it is out of commission.

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Got the quote back from the specialist and it is within my price range..which is great. The only problem now is that I needed to find someone who can do the foundation work. I know someone in my area who is a fountain of information and on top of that he is now in the process of building a house and had a foundation done last month, so I gave him a call. When I told him I was thinking of putting my house on either a slab or a foundation/wall and whether he knew of anybody who could do that work he highly recommended phone number though. Then A* and I started to think of options..if the price to raise the house was X and the price to put a foundation/excavate/etc was Y…if Y was changed so that instead of putting a foundation under the current location we put a slab down next to the current location and moved the house over onto it would that make X less? Basically it opened a whole can of we want the slab or a wall? If we move the house will it require us to dig a new septic? Could we move the house then put a slab in the current location? DO I look fat in these jeans? How much would a new septic field cost? Does the foundation guy know of anybody local who could move the house over? Who killed Bambi? I might be confusing the music I was listening to and conversation up..for the record. ANyway, the answer to all of these only lies in getting prices for a slab and a basement wall as well as the excavation work for both..after that we will be able to compare apples to apples and bambis’ to chunky jeans…then we will have an answer…or more questions…or a conundrum.

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..don’t stand by for your regularly scheduled programming..

OK, so a funny thing happened to me on the way to confession…hehe  not really…but something funny did happen last night. I am a big science fiction fan and have traditionall loved the ‘Aliens’ and ‘Predator’ series..even the bad ones. Well last night we are watching Predators and about half way through the TV goes off..for good. It did not make a noise or slowly went black then would not turn on. I blew my xbox360 last year while it was hooked up to the generator, and that was only hooked up for a matter of hours..anyway, long story short I don’t think I will submit and get a new flatscreen..I cannot justify spending more money on something that could turn around and happen again. The TV is just over 4 years it should have( in my opinion) lasted much longer..but I am not going to cry over spilled reason that I wanted to do this whole shebang was so I could care less about ‘things’ and $$ and concentrate more on the things that actually hold value..but its still going to be rough watching TV and the shows I download on the laptop..C’est la vie…a blessing?..I am not religious so we will have to wait and see. Its things like this that always make me want to take  preemptive steps..its easier to do something if you choose to do it rather than have it forced upon you..I should have smashed the thing long I only need to finish convincing myself of this..good thing I am very persuasive. Speaking of which anyone want to buy a nice looking 32″ flatscreen? Its going cheap!

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all things rough become semi-smooth and sorta-silky

..the final pile and an attempt to feed the birds.

..first the bad news..the local flea-market is no more…which is not a terrible thing except the fact that the best book-seller in the city is no longer local. I guess the spot for the old flea-market is now being leased and there was trouble finding a new they shut it down. What is happening to the world when we cannot keep a flea-market open. Sure, flea-markets are not what they once were..I liked them much more when they were actual things people were getting rid of rather then cheap products without a store..but whatever. The only reason I ever was there was to get some good books for a fraction of the cost..I was devistated and I have no idea how to find the bookseller.Anyway, on with the good news..the trim work inside has started anew. We started to plane the sawmill lumber I bought in February..I supposedly got 800 sq/ft of (mostly) wide plank flooring so today we went through it all, separated the best pieces from the rest and planed the smaller pieces. In total We did around 50 pieces ranginf from 4-10 inches..and we will be using this to do the trim around the windows, doors hopefully the baseboards. Hopfully I have enough to do some closets too but I am not going to count those chickens until they hatch! The boards were various widths..I had to make a couple of passes through for most of the boards and for 15 of them I had to do 5-6 passes. In the end the boards went from 1.5 inches – 1 inch to 3/4 of an inch. I only got the 15 bigger boards planed down all the was a time consuming task so we did not get all fo the boards done..still 35 that will require 1-2 passes to finish..hopefully! The big boards are going to wait for now…need to see hwat is going to happen with having the house raised before I start doing the floor..but one way or the other this is all going to be done before december..I hope.

..finished these off at they will be trim inside..

..the boards after pass number 1 through planer be flooring..picked out the best pieces and will use the rest for trim..but I still need to plane these pieces

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