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A Small Update

..we are not doing that much new stuff…and I hate repeating and overly redundant posts.. so I avoid posting but there was some fun stuff and beautiful sights to take a look if you want!!

..I hate repeating myself and I never do it..hope you enjoyed the bears, hawks, shrubs, lady slippers, Loki and our future apple orchard ( the seedlings ( yes I know the apples will not grow true ))!!

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Hot Garden

It has been the area we are supposed to get around 90-100mm of rain in far we have had 2-5mm..not much..and coupled with the fact that it has been hovering near 30c for weeks it means extra watering. The well is in good working order and we have been watering all the time so the garden has been growing like mad..we have never had snow-peas get this tall this fast before and everything else is doing great too:





..and we figured out what these massive growths are now that they are beginning to flower, they are sunflowers…and since the only seeds we had were black sunflower seeds we assume that this is what has been growing here..not that we planted any but when throwing down seeds for the chickens to eat must have caused this..cause there is no other explaination..



….but I had to relocate the sunflowers due to some excavation work..more details coming soon!


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