End of Jan Shots

..for those of you who are interested..I did have a ‘month long’ birdfeeder I made last was too hard to the point where it was more of a pain in the ass to fill it then fill up the regular bird feeder every other day:


..gosh I hope the snow holds off for 4 more months!



..and some coyote scat on our loop..have not heard them very much over the month and there were not any tracks..not really shocking considering only places with no sun have any snow at all in the area.


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Winter Wood

..not that I want to curse things and get craploads of snow or anything..but it has been a fairly warm ( for the area ) and snow free winter so far. There, I said it. Let it be shown that in no way, shape or form am I complaining about the lack of both cold temperatures and ice based demondry ( aka snow). As a result the woodpile seems to be stacking up well against the elements..yes the pun was intended. We are roughly 1/2 way through the wood burning season and are nowhere near the 1/2 way point in wood usage..which might be a problem come end of wood burning season as we have plans for the area where the wood is actually stacked now ( not the picture, the rest of the wood bank on the side of the house)..but then again, I will take the warm(er) temperatures any day of the week..we can always move the unused pile to the new wood area further from the house.


..and for the record there HAS been storms but followed by warmer weather and rain.


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Happy News Year!

Better late than never. A* and I have not really had many NEW jobs, activities or things to do as of late and as such we don’t post much..cause there is nothing to post about which has not been said on past posts and I am not a huge fan of posting the same things over and here is a post about plowing snow with the tractor..We DID have snow in December..then it all melted but now we have more snow..exciting!!




Other than this, going to work and Holiday funtimes with family things are fairly steady around these parts. Lugging wood, cutting kindling, shovelling, checking trail cameras, plowing, cutting trails through the woods..sorry to be less than exciting but such is life! Take care and Happy 2017!


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Tractor Play Areas

..ok, lets see how the old Almanac does this year for its predictions on storms and weather. The first real snowstorm always looks so nice..


and A* and I have a tractor play area..last year it was stumps and piles of dirt..but after a spring, summer and fall of small moving jobs with the tractor the area is actually fairly level..too bad the land isn’t even ours but the owner appreciated our moving the piles of dumped dirt/stumps and leveling the area. More work to do but behind those stumps covered in snow is a massive pile of manure..maybe next year the area will be more grassy ( if the owner lets me spread the manure everywhere it is level that is).

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End of the Season?

End of the Season?

Looks like winter is here..the end of all things green and wonderful.

But before we got the snow we had a nice day to finish up the chores. Drain cistern, give everything a go over, turn off the outside water pipe..all the same as every fall. A new addition this year is removal of the gutters in prep of snow sliding off the new metal roof.







Everything we planted this year seems to be doing OK. Having spent so many years monitoring the (so many) plants and shrubs and watching progress has made landscaping least from a recognizing standpoint. While we wait for the snow to start sliding off the roof ( and it ending the sliding) we have to plan and prep cutting area and plan an extended garden with a small orchard.

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Mmmm…that is Smooth!, not the driveway, or the road to the driveway. or the road to the road…but it is the road to the road to the driveway! The area has never been paved and in the spring and parts of the winter it is a potholed mess of a disaster..I am sure the local mechanics are not happy about the paving job but everyone else who has to use it is loving it!


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Pre-Vermin Fillup

..we have not had any trouble with mice since before we moved in…but there have been some signs of activity underneath the house in the form of gaps between the gravel and insulation, incessant Loki whining near the deck, light noises and there is fact that we have seen mice go underneath the house. WInter means cold weather and mice ( or rats) look for nice places to stay during cold spells and rather than wait for them to break into the house and setup for a long winter slumber we applied some more gravel around the perimeter of the place to shutdown any access points…


..and let the waiting game begin..leaves are almost all off the trees which means we will soon have a winter deluge or 7..crossing our fingers for light snowfall this winter!


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