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Power in the Bank

1/2 of the battery bank (4 of 8) were officially toast so we bit the bullet and upgraded part 1 of our power system and got some replacement batteries…AC225’s…these 6 are actually almost 2 times the capacity of our ancient trojan batteries. To make sure we keep them fully topped up we will also be installing our additional solar panels and upgrading the panel to charge controller wiring with some proper low gauge braided wiring too..over the next couple of weeks.



..been raining like a banshee around here as of late, the old beaverdam @ the stillwater cannot even be seen..higher than spring water levels…scary high.



We will keep the old batteries charged up and beside the new bank until next spring when they will move into boler for portable power…or emergencies in case anything goes they tend to do.

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Maintain the Bank

..3 of my 8 batteries are having issues..took them out of the mix and put them on the rose rug of shame so these batteries can take some time out to think about what they have done..bad batteries!! BAD!

image11.69 was the reading I got with the voltmeter ( without getting into the extra complication of temperature)..11.69 is considered a fully discharged battery for all intensive purposes…Batteries are freekin odd..12.65 is full and 11.89 is empty. Stupid if you ask me. I like 100% for full and 0% for empty..but that is just me and I didn’t invent electricity or batteries.
imageThe spot charger that we use is not the best as it only charges 1 way ( when batteries typically need 3 types of charges to reach full )..but I hooked it up anyway and applied a charge for a couple of hours. I am afraid of taking a reading so I avoided it..I like putting off bad news until I cannot avoid it any the way does anybody know if Stephen Harper won the election in the spring?

Even the ‘good’ batteries are not up to where they need to be but I will leave that for the solar panels to recharge. The jury is still out on them. This reading was taken shortlly after I reconnected the good ones after I took the ‘bad’ ones out.image

I really think these batteries are screwy the more I think about it..I don’t usually think about how much power we SHOULD since when it is there it is doing what it is supposed to do but this bump has made me revaluate things. Each battery is rated for 108amp hours x 8 batteries…so theoretically I should be able to run  2 CFL lights at 2.5 amps draw for 346 hours..we are nowhere near that when our charge is ‘full’..nowhere near. Sure, some of that is lost in converting to 120v from 12v but still. Anyway we will see whats up..we both knew the day would come when these batteries would be toast but I was hoping for 40 more years.

 ..also in case anyone wants to learn more this is where much of my quick info comes from:


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battery bank

the new power source!

..bought a battery bank, wiring, 3 charge controllers, battery maintanence tools, 12v charger, 240w of pv solar panels..I saw the advertisement on an online classifieds site and was the first there and negotiated a GREAT price on everything..I had been pricing the equipment for a while so when I saw it online I knew that I needed to get there quick. The battery bank is 5 years old but has been on a trickle charge for years..not an optimal solution but the truth of the matter is this..with the price I paid I am really only paying for 3 of the 4 panels..the 4th panel and everything else is I will see what I can do with it in the meantime. They are Trojan 6v batteries that I have wired paralled and in a they are 12v..they are capable of 75amps for 108 min we will see..They say for many off-grid battery owners usually ruin thier first batteries through not knowing what to do or how to do it properly so the risk is fairly minimal when the batteries are free! Now I just need to hook it all up and run it to the panel in my house and I should be good to go..Obviously I still need an inverter…but now that I have the rest of the components I should be good to go!

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Off-Grid Lighting v.5

..came home today to an odd rotten egg smell in the place. Not one to particularly like the smell of rotten eggs I closed the door and followed my nose. The good news is that this is a superquick tracking is either food, the toilet or the portable power unit. It would be a pretty odd post to make it the food don;t ya think? Yes, it was the power inverter/battery. More specifically the battery of the pack. I bought the thing 5 years ago and I think the batteries simply have up. I drained the batteries frequently and did not always charge it in a timely fashion. So, the lights in the place when the generator now consists of candles and headlamps. I now memorize the headlamps locations..and steps from one to the other for when A* takes mine or falls to sleep when doing crosswords in the middle of the night. It does not seem to matter if I try to memorize my steps when I do have to make the trip from one location to the other..I always make it 3 steps..shuffling my feet so I don;t bang that precious little piggy and end up facing the wrong direction. I think I am reaching for the doorway and I touch the curtains of the window on the opposite side of the room. Anyway, I took the battery out and am looking for a replacement. And sleeping earlier.

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