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..birthday time! Not really big on gifts but Ma has some heirloom pieces from when she grew up and she gave me the cast iron humidifier. No, heirloom does not mean we can plant it and the kettle will grow a kettle tree or anything..Mom grew up using this as her mother had..funny thing about the humidifier/kettle..I once saw my grandmother pour a beer in it that my father was trying to get her to drink (she does not drink the devils ale) when I was 10..ah the memories..

The bellows I am considering it a gift but I liberated it from my brother last was our bellows growing up and he ended up with it and did not use it. I did ask him but he had it as decoration and I wanted to use it. I wonder how many fires I started with this bellows growing up? The bellows ia getting fairly ratty so I might look to get some work done to it or try my hand myself (but this is one project I would not want to ruin).

Oh, and we repositioned the panels temporarily too until I grab some longer wire for the array to the charge controller. The tree shadows are worse than I thought and are the root cause of the battery issues. We moved them about 30 feet out but need 40 more and I want some thicker gauge wiring to go with it at the same time in preparation for more panels. With the sun issues one silver lining is that we now know where ALL of the solar panels will be installed next year on a pole mount system.



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