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Brush Burn and Thieving Ravens

Getting ready for some more clearing of trees..but we had all the trees we cut down in the fall so we got to burning to make space. It was warm last week but after a couple of days of rain it was safe to burn..with fire we always err on the side of caution..especially when we are surrounded by trees:



It might be hard to tell ( besides the fire ) but here are some after shots:


image really is amazing how a 2 hour burn can reduce a huge pile of brush down to a pile of ashes! You know what else is amazing..we had a daytime high of 28c 5 days the daytime high was -5c..and with the windchill it was -10c…shocking.

..and Ma hen also abandoned the eggs after 5 days..can’t blame her, it has been cold! We will try again in a couple of weeks…hen permitting. We had the abandoned eggs in a coffee can and forgot it outside and we awoke the next day to a 3 member raven crew taking turns flying down and snatching the eggs..which is fine as they were garbage..not that we want to encourage ravens to hang around. It was actually pretty neat watching them fly away with an egg in their beaks.


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