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Garden Mini-Greenhouse (ish)

Last year and the year before A* and I started much of the garden took up room, we had to constantly move the seedlings and they were prone to die..many of them made it and we planted them after 2-3 weeks inside. When we put them in the ground we also planted seeds outside..A month later and you could not tell the difference between the ones we started indoors and the ones we planted this year we said we were not going to start indoors. One thing that we did want to do was to at least make a mini-greenhouse from one of the raised beds so tonight with the longer nights I spent an hour experimenting with the boxes.image

Over the winter I covered the ground with some straw to keep it semi-insulated to keep the compost active..In this shot I just uncovered the box that I am going to build a coldframe with.image


The beginnings of the frame..I used some pieces of wood that I had around the yard and scrap from when I did the flooring back in Nov. Around the frame I secured some vapor barrier that had been used to keep wood dry..the wood was gone so I cut some into sizes that I needed. I secured the barrier between 2 scraps of wood at the top.image

the back opens up to allow air to escape and the front flips up so I can get more air in if I need it. This was another one of those projects where I could have spent 4 hours coming up with ‘the best plan’ but instead I thought about it for 5 minutes, experimented for 10 then spend 45 constructing..better to have something done then perfect…plus there is the fact that it will be coming off in a month anyway when the weather warms up.image

On the rest of the boxes I left some empty of straw, some with only straw ( as it was ) and covered a couple of more with vapor barrier so I could see which method would be best for the future..I am only attempting to warm the soil up for planing in a week or 2..well..almost..image

I could not resist putting some lettuce in the is still below 0 on many nights but the days are much warmer..which reminds me..I need to get out and tap some maple trees this weekend..perfect weather for sap to make a small batch of maple syrup!


..quite a difference to a month and a half ago!

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