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End of the Jangozotoic Era


13 years with the old boy..never easy watching a dogs health rapidly decline but he had a great life..He was a terror to garbage cans everywhere but he will be missed. Now Jango gets to rest peacefully beside Nova for evermore. Good luck Jango and hopefully heaven is full of unsecured meat trimming filled garbage cans.


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Face Knaw

…Loki has now been with us 2 months. We were unsure for a time if Jango was going to adjust but once they learned to play nice with a chew toy with tug of war they became tight buddies. Now tug of war usually escalates into an hour long face biting session….both of them wagging their tails the whole time and loving it. Outside, inside, in the time seems unappropriate for them..they settle down once told but I think they would do it all day long if we let them..we are working on only chewtoy as they constantly knock teeth playing but Loki knows how to get Jango going..she tugs of war until Jango wants it..steals it and runs until Jango wants it bad then throws it at him so he takes it and retreats to his dog beg..then she slinks up and exposes her face for Jango to knaw on as he defends his possession of the chewtoy..let the face knawing begin anew!



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Spot the differences

Loki seems to be sprouting spots..and her head shots seem to be joining. I hope she does not morph into a hellhound. The blog is a good archive as any, sorry. Hehe



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1 Year Since..

goodbye Nova

..we lost our little dog Nova. I am actually a little choked up as I type this too after collecting the pictures. A dog is part of the family..and after 13 years I knew her better then I knew 1/2 of my friends..Its never easy saying goodbye but I take solace in the fact that she was sick  and suffering. Jango is now #1 and thats the way he likes it..but he still will not play tug of war with other dogs due to fear of getting bit on the nose by her legend lives on. All future dogs will suffer from being compared to Nova..she was a legend. Rest in peace Nova. We miss you.

Nova and the gang as a pup..


Nova is older..taken a couple of weeks before she left..we had a feeling the end was near..we tried to emulate our expressions from the first picture.

..not a very Merry Christmas in 2009..

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