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entertainment in times of no electricity

..we are lame.

As I mentioned a couple of months ago the TV went the way of the dodo. Its gone. I actually saw a cool idea that I might implement for the TV..a felt test pattern. Saw it on a site I often visit so I may steal the idea and do it up myself on a larger scale.

seems fitting for a broken TV..but why bother keeping a broken TV?

Besides that what do we do nightly? Watch a movie on the and when we are feeling really energetic we play a game or something..Dominion is one of our favorite games right easy card game with lots of variety so every game is different and coming up with 1 strategy to win is impossible. A good way to pass the time next to a roaring fire..the coffee table and 3 hours of this = a sore back.

...its easier then it looks!

We also play some other games Carcissone and the occasional game of chess. We used to play chess more but A* still has not beat me in 25 years so we don’t play as often anymore. We actually met in the chess club in junior high too. I may let her beat me this year as an early Christmas gift. I was a video game addict in a previous life and if there is one thing I miss more than anything else about limited power is the fact that I cannot stay up until 3AM in an attempt to beat an end of game board games will have to suffice. I do still play a PSP but its not the same..especially since most games skip the PSP but what can you do!

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