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Spreading Seeds

With fall in the early stages and A* and I with grass seed (from 2 years ago) we needed to double down. We were not even sure if the seed was still good..the land is not perfectly flat, free from (all) rocks ( but most of the fist sized and larger were removed) or truly finalized as far as planning was concerned…but we have an area cleared and so we decided to make an attempt and see if the seed was still good and would grow.

We did not seed a 10-15 ft tractor path near the woods/areas we are still going to be working on as we knew the tractor will be back and forth over the area so there was no sense in doing anything..but most of the rest got a liberal dousing of grass seed..And yes, we took a look at the weather to make sure that both cooler weather and rain were forecast..yep..fall is on the way we should have both in spades!




..the old truck cap is our tractor ‘bits’ cover..when the backhoe is not in use it is always in the way..hopefully the grass grows around it..but then again when we need the backhoe again it is going to be torn up..but nothing ventured nothing gained.


..if it does take mowing is not going to be fun..but it beats dirt!

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Thanks Leslie…

Tropical Storms x Freshly Rolled Topsoil / Uneven Area + 42 =



..the 42 is for how many times I said ‘firetruck’. It was a slow and drawn out affair watching she soil wash away as it POURED..we had more rain in 15 hours then we did for 3 month over summer.


..but, all repaired and seeded…but if I ever meet that storm in person I am gonna punch him in the face.


And the grass is starting to sprout in the tester area too..we did not even block it off from the dogs..I wish the whole area looked like this and had grass coming up..but around 60% washed off during the storm too..good thing it was only a 12×12 area.

..and the area where all the seeds from the test area washed away to:


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