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Look What Popped In

..hopefully to stay this time.¬†It is our long lost liberated chiminea! (¬†Dropped off during the day so I have no idea of where it has been ( and I am too lazy to check the trail camera and truthfully I don’t really want to know who it was). Not that I am complaining, I appreciate it! Nice to know someone felt guilty about liberating it enough to have it returned and besides that one instance we have never had real need to test out the security cams..let’s keep it that way! I wonder if the chiminea was on a trip around the world these past 4 years?

I don’t hold a grudge..mostly due to the fact that I had a concrete dog lawn ornament in my bedroom for 4 years that was found on a scavenger hunt (found in someones front lawn)..I returned it with a note (and when I drove back a week later they had it chained to their deck)..Yes, I know, it was wrong but we all do stupid things as teenagers…I DID return it!!!

..the chiminea is now called the ‘chiminea of karma’image


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