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Halloween Undead Redux

..happy halloween! .a fan favorite in our house is the living dead…people always say to prepare for anything so we try to prepare for a zombie invasion that will never come.this week we wanted to try to think like an undead horde so we tried to get into character! According to my zombie sensibilities our place needs more brains. Not many trick or treaters this year or any year..after 3 years we still have had none!

image I am a zombie ( I stick to Elvis and the undead usually) and A* is a nurse from the Silent Hill video game/ of the more memorable video games from the 90’s and a creepy movie which was pleasant suprise..if you like horror movies. Personally I like horror, not gore..unless we are talking politics now. As creepy as I looked A* was too spooky to go into stores so I had to run into a shopping center like this to pick up some things before a party..I got some stange looks..hehe.

I was also thinking…If zombies ever do rise up to destroy the world they should do it during halloween..while people are complimenting the zombies on their makeup the zombies can easily get within brain-munching proximity.


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