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Flooring Begins Anew

..still to rainy to cut and plane the wood outside so I located the joists and we marked the floor to make nailing of the new flooring easier. We also had a number of smaller pieces cut and ready to go from last fall so I placed some of them and fine tuned the cuts to the floor markings. We are going for a rustic look..especially since we don’t have the equipment, time or the inclination to do a professional job. It has been 7 months (wowie) since we finished the bedroom and the floor and finish have stood up really well. There are some claw indentations in the finish of the floor but I think they add to the softwood floors rustic this point anyway. I am really antsy to get started on that wood for the rest of the place but I am REALLY antsy just to have all that flooring done and out of my yard in the raw form.


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Posted by on July 28, 2011 in Construction


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