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On the Level

I actually think I used that title before…or stole it from another blog..oh well.

We had some delivery and excavation work done today..3 tandem loads of topsoil delivered and a mini-excavator to spread it all over the yard to create a lawn that can actually be mowed…there are too many dips, crevasses and exposed rocks to really use a lawn mower now so we have been using a whipper snipper..not to mention the fact that anytime one of our friends comes out we were constantly worrying someone was going to trip or roll an levelling seemed like the right thing to do.

..the railway ties from the picture are part of our yucky temporary deck/house we begin to build our new deck we still needed a way to get into the house..


..and only 1 hour later we have a level lawn..a couple of hours later and we had a load of topsoil delivered too..but before we get to that we need to spend some time with a rake getting rid of the bigger rocks so that we do not duplicate our old rocky ‘lawn’



In the next day or 2 our guy doing the work ( who also is the same guy who hauls dirt out of our ‘driveway’ area ( which is where the fill came from(cuts down on delivery costs)) will be back with the HUGE excavator to pull up some stumps for us so next year we can have a big garden..finally!


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