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Pak-lite…over and done. last night the old pak-lite got to a level that it was not really lighting anything up WAS still lit but it was not doing much more that for the porpoises of this eggsperiment I am going to say: DONE.

the final totals are in…1 pak-lite with one 9v battery was switched on and stayed on for a total of:

2,851,200 seconds or 47,520 minutes or 792 hours..which equals out to $0.0025 per hour.

…not too bad for $2 worth of batteries. I set up the new red light too..looks really great and lights up the front of my video camera. its only a trick but from anything further then 20ft it looks like a security camera that is it will accomplish its task for now.

Anyway..just a quick post. Happy Holidays everyone!

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pak-lite…it is like inhuman lighting machine…

 I guess the title is really IS an inhuman lighting machine. so is a match. I digress.

.the pak-lite..avert your eyes..AHHHHH! 2 settings..high for 60 hours, low for eternity setting

We have officially had the pak-lite lit up for over 1 month. It was rated for 600 hours on an everyday cheap 9v battery and now we are up to 756 hour of non-stop running. Neat can get 9v batteries for next to nothing so this is going to be great. I also got my red light pak-lite in the mail yesterday so I am going to run this one too and see if there is much of a difference when using different LED’s..I got the red so I could have night vision but still see for when I do things like star-gaze or hunting snipes…and for security too. If someone is thinking of breaking into a place and they see a video security camera  lit up with a red light I think that they will think that security is active..Its sort of like the movie ‘Clerks’..not the movie but an idea in that movie..If people think they are being watched they will usually follow established norms..I am hoping that the norm that they feel obligated to follow is the one where people don’t break into other peoples houses. If they decide to break established norms then I hope they break into my house ONLY to make my bed..that would be really odd and against so many norms it could blow my mind.

..I'm not even supposed to be here today!

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Will it make it 21 days? More or less..?

so the pak-lite has been going for 2.5 weeks now on one single 9v battery. 24 hours a day. it is supposedly rated for 600h..which is just under 25 days..

Truthfully I am really impressed with this little light. I keep it on all night and I can see my way around when it is totally dark..but not enought light to keep me up. It IS overpriced if you ask me but I like it..I like it so much I am literally about to log online and go buy another one with a red LED. I mean for the $2 it costs for a 9v battery I can have it on for 2-3 months at night and never need to replace it! I am going to buy a red one today since it is good to see while not ruining your night vision..perfect for lighting and also looking outside..or moving about during the night. the site if you are interested is: pak-lite
Also, I have been on a bit of an eBay binge lately too..recently bought: a new slingshot, a glass cutter for turning wine bottles into cups, 2x12v LED light strips..pretty cool..not sure what for but cool, wood hygrometer for measuring moisture levels in wood ( so I can be sure the wood is dried out for the wider planks I have for the flooring )…not to mention 3-4 gifts that will arrive in a couple of weeks for my nieces and nephews..and J* too!


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Pak-Lite Update and a Propane FRIDGE

..OK, so we are up to  216 hours now with the pak-lite..not too bad since powering it up on the 20th of November. Still another 10-12 days before it does dark..theoretically!

the other exciting news for the day..we now have a propane fridge. Its a Consul and after 2 years and 2 months in this place we finally opted for a fridge. Winter time was never really a problem..if you wanted something frozen put it outside..if you want something near frozen, put it in the cooler. In summer our fridge usually consisted of melted ice..and occasionally ice. If people were over we would get ice for drinks and beer but otherwise we just ate fresh and brought any leftovers to work..or fed it to Jango. When we were over to our friends we would look at the fridges and thier contents..and usually it was 80% condiments and things of that sort and 20% things that actually belonged in there or needed to be kept cold..leftovers, anything frozen, drinks..and we did not really miss it…but there was a good deal on the local classified ads and I had an alert for when it got posted..I was the first to call and I told him I would take it after a converstion..especially when he did not want a deposit…the fridge was at his cottage so he would not have it until this weekend..So A* went over saturday and picked it up from him.

NOw, we have to get it installed..but we have too much flooring on the go for now, not to mention the fact that we are going to have to reconfigure the kitchen area before we install it..but we have been talking about doing somethign in there for a month we will see….its been 2 years, what is a couple of more weeks/months? I am not going to lie to will be really nice to have cold beer and drinks..I have been without a fridge for so long I am having trouble thinking of what esle a fridge is good for!! Oh yes, vodka in the freezer…jello shots? I have a one track mind when it comes to fridges.

..nice..something to keep my beer cold!

..with a freezer..for ice and Grey Goose..or peas..or chickens I guess..

propane fridges look different...I can't wait to fire this up to make things cool..seems like an odd concept


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