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October is Getting Cold

..OK so its the 3rd week of october the frost is now a recurring theme. Earlier in the month when we had our first frost we lost all of our tomatoes and cucumbers that we had left..We have a household standing wood stove until November. In previous years we sometimes used a kerosene heater to keep the place warm(er) but this year we have opted to use the propane heater. Last year we might have used the propane 4-5 times for the year and with that usage and our propane instanteous water heater we only used $20 worth of propane ( we have around $800 worth in 2 tanks ) so we thought we would have enough wiggle room to allow us to splurge a little. With the temperature outside at 3C the inside is 21C..nice. Don’t worry..we do have batteries in the carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector.

Looking forward to next month when we get the woodstove going…wood heat is so nice and since we use the cookstove for baking we can also start making bread and having pizza and such..not a minute too soon as I am running out of things to BBQ.

Yes, my back is still in terrible an appointement with a doctor in a day or 2 so I can get a doctors note and then get into a chiropractor..if that is spelled right.

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Propane Bill Sept09-July10

..OK, so propane was installed last sept. When it was installed I was worred about running out in the middle of winter and having no way to get the propane truck installed so I had 2 400L tanks installed..and today they cam to fill up the tanks since last fall..we use propane for tankless hot water and for a small heater. Since I was worried about running out we did nto really use the heater too much ( maybe 3 hours total since last Sept. ) and only used the propane for hot water. today the delivery truck comes while I am up on the coop roof putting on shingles. A* talks to the delivery guy and I see him go over to the tanks with the hose to fill it. 1 minute later he walks back to the truck, packs up and leaves…I was confused..So I get off the roof and go to A* and she is looking at the reciept.

Sept – July $20.21 for propane…wow..I guess we need to start using more propane..this fall we are heating the camp with propane in October and skipping the kerosene!

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