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Egg Away to Pastaville

we were at an annual outdoor party last week and while standing around a bonfire in -10c weather I to talking to someone who raised 100’s of chickens when she was younger..and she hated everything about them ‘except the pasta.’ Eggs and flour..they always made pasta because it used up so many eggs.

So next day we went and bought a pasta roller, the ‘Remy Olivier’ pasta machine. So here is how to make might be off for someone who knows how but these were the instructions I was a loud party..instructions were a little fuzzy if I remember correctly, but here goes:

– 3 eggs
– 2 cups flour
– pinch o salt

Mix salt and flour. Form an egg nest and pour in eggs. Mix together eggs then gradually mix in with a fork. Keep mixing then mix with the side so it is sorta crumbly but mixed. Turn the fork on its side and break up the bigger chunks so it is all semi-uniform. Then form into a ball. Kneed for 5-10 minutes then divide into 3 balls. Let sit for 15 minutes.



Flatten a roll in your palm until it is fairly flat..wide enough for the width of the pasta maker and thick enough that it can feed into the pasta machine on its thickest setting (7 on ours). While supporting the pasta turn the side auger but don’t pull it.. let it feed through. Repeat with setting lower until you reach the thickness of pasta you desire.


Attach the noodle making cutter feed which just slips onto the who machine rig. The pasta machinealso has a clamp to let you support the ever-growing noodles and turn the auger at the same time without it flopping all around which is nice and not too hard to manage alone but it would be an easier job with 2 people.


Grab the end as you feed it and cut to the desired length of pasta. Hang to dry..


Then move it away from curious dogs…higher.


That was actually pretty easy..the main thing I found was making sure the thickness is uniform the first time feeding it into the pasta machine. Too thick and it bunches too much and things can tear. Can’t wait to cook it!


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