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Future Levelling Project

.. Using water it is easy to determine where more dirt is needed.. Simply dig too far down in poorly draining soil and sit back and wait for a rainstorm.  We have plans to rectify this.. Which we will start implementing next year.


… And a rough first attempt at a larger stone wall… We have a bumper crop of large rocks so we need to move them out of the way so digging out stumps could continue.. It needs fine tuning.




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I’ve got wood!

Well the 50 railway ties, 50 2×4’s and 10 floor boards (4×8) arrived. Just in time for 4×1 days of scheduled rain. It is not like the shed and landscaping was at the top of the list for things to do but the rain trumps most of the projects at this point. I guess it is not all bad, this was I get to start planning more projects. Plus I need gravel now that I think of it.

Ok, a closer shot..these railway ties were really railway ties too..I might just make a railway..I look great in a conductors hat.

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