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Trail Camera Show

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..some trail camera shots from one of the trail cameras…over a period of years and only a sampling of the 1000’s. Some of the shots are actually taken during one of my other Loki returning g after her operation..snow shoi g, digging a hole to the ground to see how deep the snow is, etc..

And a sample of the new one…works pretty well and I love the new black light feature. Undetectable!



Had a late night visitor last night..the drunkard nearly took out the Japanese maple as he drove across the lawn..wrong turns usually means slow down and trun around, not peel through an unplowed area over lawn near small trees. He is lucky he did not get stuck or this post might be a news article reporting a severe beating.

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Look What Popped In

..hopefully to stay this time. It is our long lost liberated chiminea! ( Dropped off during the day so I have no idea of where it has been ( and I am too lazy to check the trail camera and truthfully I don’t really want to know who it was). Not that I am complaining, I appreciate it! Nice to know someone felt guilty about liberating it enough to have it returned and besides that one instance we have never had real need to test out the security cams..let’s keep it that way! I wonder if the chiminea was on a trip around the world these past 4 years?

I don’t hold a grudge..mostly due to the fact that I had a concrete dog lawn ornament in my bedroom for 4 years that was found on a scavenger hunt (found in someones front lawn)..I returned it with a note (and when I drove back a week later they had it chained to their deck)..Yes, I know, it was wrong but we all do stupid things as teenagers…I DID return it!!!

..the chiminea is now called the ‘chiminea of karma’image


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Pak-lite…over and done. last night the old pak-lite got to a level that it was not really lighting anything up WAS still lit but it was not doing much more that for the porpoises of this eggsperiment I am going to say: DONE.

the final totals are in…1 pak-lite with one 9v battery was switched on and stayed on for a total of:

2,851,200 seconds or 47,520 minutes or 792 hours..which equals out to $0.0025 per hour.

…not too bad for $2 worth of batteries. I set up the new red light too..looks really great and lights up the front of my video camera. its only a trick but from anything further then 20ft it looks like a security camera that is it will accomplish its task for now.

Anyway..just a quick post. Happy Holidays everyone!

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a trust destroyed…

..where are you..I miss you! Also, the yeard needs some that why you left..!?

OK, so we have not been to the homestead in 2-3 months..We just got our truck all set up and grabbed J* and A* and we headed up to the camp for our first trip in with the new vehicle. The snow is beginning to disappear, the  birds are chirping..and my chiminea is gone. CRAP…I had moved a bunch of suff out here in Sept before we moved out of the house and I thought it was going to be OK..but here I am 7 months later at it has either:

  • grown legs…I think that even Darwin would be skeptical of this one..
  • been taken…drat.

so, its gone. I played it off like it was no big deal when J* was around but I am really concerned..what if I had valuables in the camp? What about when I am living here?..I need to think about this and put on my thinking camp..I will be very limited in what I can realistically do with no power.

Bottom line is that the chimnea is now gone..if you happen to see it please let me know:

..remember all the good times we had? I burn wood, paper and my fingers in you..I will miss you...please come home.

PS – also, the photo at the top was taken in the fall..but not much in the yard changed so I faked could I take a picture in the fall and post it the previous spring..magic!

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