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Shed Work

The shed is now mostly empty..YEAH!image

You can see my wicked awesome brace that I did up in has held up very well considering the fact that I was moving quickly! The shed is 16×12 and I am going to build a middle brace for it to replace the old crappy middle brace. Before I do that I need to put down a floor to make sure nothing buckles again..and before I do that I need to seal up a couple of holes that mice can get in through. can see the gap in the roof..

because we needed wood and the truck is out of order we are going to order some stuff in..the usual: 10 pieces of floor sheathing, 50 2×4’s, 45 (8x8x6) Railway ties, a 32×12 know..the usual. We are not going to get to this right away ( any of it ) but we figured we would get it here and start when we get the chance…we are not 100% on the deck but we are awaiting the price…and then we will see! The wood all arrives next week…then the fun begins!

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Posted by on July 22, 2011 in Construction


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