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Working the New Snow Implement

…not the first time we got to use the tractor for snow..but this was the first time I knew what to expect! The previous 2 snowstorms I had the tractor out and was trying different things with the grader ( attached to the back of the tractor) and the front loader..with varying degrees of success..things took longer than I would like but now that I go out with a plan I can get the whole driveway done by the time A* has the deck/shed area shovelled..about ½ hour to an hour(ish). The grader works well and for the first pass ( to the end of the driveway and back) I turn the grader so it is fully angled ( like a plow) and reverse down the driveway and then back up to the house ( in reverse too) clears much of the snow to the side on this pass..then I turn the grader so it is perpendicular to the road and do another pass to the end of the driveway…and when the snow builds up too much in front of the grader I cut the wheel and push the pile off the cleared part of the driveway, pull back out and continue on my way.

A* and I were thinking about last year and getting our truck stuck 7 times. It took us about 14-15 hours (groan…and an one of those was a 4 hour ordeal) to dig the truck out over the span of those 7 stuck far this year I have about 3 hours of snow clear on the tractor..I am hoping to spend less time on the tractor plowing the road than I did last year digging things out when I got stuck..and I am also hoping not to get the truck stuck again too….and don’t even get me started on the 1.5 months we had to use snowshoes to get into our place..we are hoping to avoid that too.



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