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only a month behind! the warm days continue the garden continues to grow. We have had salad for a far I have dropped 25 pounds..from my waist to my ass. hehe

basil, onions, marigolds and a rotten dog

..forgive the shots too..A* took them.

rotten dogs are poping up all over the place

..we missed a couple of shots..we have also taken many plants and put them in various places in the yard to see the best places for high heat veggies to grow.

..and lettuce up the ying-yang..

The garden boxes have been great. I do complain that I want a bigger garden but I am always impressed with how many veggies we get from these 6 boxes when the veggies do come in. There is also a spot in the yard where wheat is growing..I dunno where from but it is there. I am going to collect the seeds for next year and see if I can start growing some grain.


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