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Heritage Seeds

..oops..I think I meant heirloom seeds..just noticed it. WHen I say ‘heritage’ you think ‘heirloom’

We are changing some things up this year with regard to the garden..we got some heritage seeds so hopefully we will be able to keep some of the produce and have some seeds for next year. We will be growing our usual veggies and augmenting with these. We said we would not start any indoors this year but it looks like that may change!


image posted this online last night with a mobile app and a couple of things went double posted then it did not upload the picture of the front of thee seed packs..which actually say what they are specifically..they are all fairly normal with the exception of a blue tomato..The guys selling them had pictures of the actual produce and it looked really neat so I wanted to give it a try myself!

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Posted by on March 22, 2011 in Gardening, produce


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