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Grape Shape

..over the first 5 years of having grapes we have had great success with growing grapes..but in reading about wineries and encouraging proper shape of grapes plants I thought the trellis area could use some augmentation. Early spring I hacked off all of the vines I did not want to keep and limited growth to 2 or 3 vines on each plant with the hopes of training the vines in a more controlled fashion. The though process is that we do not want lots and lots of grapes but we want less grapes with more size and flavor…worth a try…experimentation is fun!


..and as the season progresses I have been giving it a trim up to continually shape the vines..Not a fast process but by this time next year the vines should be all trained up! The trellis looks a little bare this year compared to other years as a result..but the growth is still fairly healthy


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trellise version 2

A* and I did up a version of the trellis in the fall last year to see what it would look like..we did not spend more than an hour creating it but we had an idea as to what we wanted for it and that has not changed much..but we wanted more of a solid structure…which basically meant ( for us ) thicker wood..the idea was to use driftwood..but I don’t really have the time to go to the beach, find some suitable wood, cut it down then haul it back…so instead we opted for some old hardwood from our property that already has the bark off of it.

We already have plants in this bed so we had to tread lightly..first off was removal of the old trellis. out with the old

After this step I dug down around 2 feet in both areas. A* held the structure while I sledgehammered it into the ground further.

in with the new(er)

We then backfilled the hole with rocks to provide SOME structure and filled in the the removed dirt.

done for now! again.

It would be more of a permanant structure if we used cement but our plans change all the time so we like to have a nearly completed version that we can then improve upon..I take much of the way that we work from a SCRUM development methodology..which focus’ around having working versions that can then be improved upon..this is more like version 1 and the structure we did in the fall was a prototype. As I mentioned as well in the past we like to time-box our work when we can..not using all the time to think or to act but at least having an idea for how long we want to spend on something and not allowing that to expand too much..although projects like the chicken coop took longer at each step..but at the end of each step something was complete. We like to think that it saves us from striving for perfection when perfection is really a red-herring..we like to have things done, learn from that and move on.

Anyway, hopefully it will get us 2-3 years before the wood rots out. We still need to put a ‘front face’ on the new trellise so that the climbing plants have somewhere to go this summer..nothing to special.

No the garage is not back up for those of you keeping score at home..this was a 2 days before it blew down

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