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Preparation for flooring..

..So our living room is now a combination of bedroom and living room…and kitchen if you want to get technical.  Yes, we have begun to move our bedroom worldly possessions into the common area so that we can begin doing the floor in our bedroom. My sister is away starting Thursday so we will not have to sleep in the we are doing some work. There still is a crappy storage closet that is ready to fall apart in the bedroom so over the next couple of nights we will be moving the clothes out and getting rid of it. It is an ‘ikea’sih’ model and while it suited our needs for a long while its day in the sun has come and gone..and we are activly looking for one that suits our place on…once one comes up we will be all set..but in the meantime nothing is better than something. Getting rid of this also means that I can clear up some room in the shed by taking my old dresser out and starting to use it again. The dresser I have had since childhood and its solid..A* re-stained it a couple of years ago and its a little more orange then I would like but its a solid piece of furniture.

Anyway, back to the flooring! Yes, so on the order for this week:

  • make sure floor boards are square..
  • plane floor boards for bedroom + 20%
  • get 5-6″ wood screws

Once this prep work is done I will be good to go. Our goal is not to have a perfect place..I originally paid $250 for 600-800 sq/ft of rough cut lumber. I have completed most of the window sills and trim work with the smaller pieces of wood from that roguh cut lumber..planed it, cross cut it and have it all ready to go ( needs stain ). I was in the lumber store last week and noted that for each 8ft length of pine it cost $ by my estimates I have used around $175 of the $250 I spent on everything left only really cost me $75..the issue is more that I am running out of time and if I want perfection the wood will not get planer before the snow flies..then I will not get it done. So, we are going to get it done..once again, bedroom first to learn from mistakes then onto the rest of the place..and once the wood is gone we will be complete!

On an unrelated note..I think I might have lost my camera today.

Some pictures of the old floor…if you want to call it a floor:

old pic. this was befoe we painted the floor and varathaned it..this picture was taken the first day we 'moved' in.

..painted floor and a camo dog...Heavy duty fllor paint off tints from hardware store..lucky the color was close.

..we only had enough paint for the floor in 2 we went 2 tone...finished hearthpad included for free.

..hehe..this was underneath the 2 had the grey, we added the extra paint and drywall mud ourselves..Look Ma! I am an artist! early look at what the floor could look like...these boards were used for trim..

..these boards were planer further too..not as dark..

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