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Winter ‘Driveway’ Driving

With no actual driveway in we have been using an old road to get into our is NOT pleasant or easy to drive. It took me a while to release my deathgrip on the steering wheel when driving in and grow comfortable driving in with the truck..but now that the road has been driven over in the winter and beaten down and frozen solid it is MUCH easier to take. We drive about 1.5km in on this road and in the summer/fall it takes us 9 minutes. Not really blazing speed but it gives you an idea how rough it is. These days we get out in 4 minutes..the hugh bumps and dips have frozen into smoothness..and I must say it is MUCH better then we could have hoped for. In the fall I remember the conversations about how bad winter would be..but this is making things MUCH easier to take..We still have not gotten stuck or had any issues..I hope this keeps up!

..the first is packed down well now!..

I really hate this time of year for daylight though..We leaver for work it is dark..we get hime from work and it’s dark..but we are over a month out from the shortest day of the year so everyday will get a little better…

..the rough patch in the summer..smoothest part in the winter.

 ..I cannot wait to have a driveway all to myself someday!

..coming up the hill..

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