Spare Veggies

We had the spring unveiling of the Boler..everything was great inside and dry but we gave it a good spring cleaning anyway in preparation of using it…

Amended the new 8 garden boxes and planted some veggies..the soil is not great, even after being amended but we will see..something planted in crappy soil is better than nothing planted in good soil I guess. In a bare spot in our flowerbeds I also got rid of a whack of seeds which were at the bottom of a drawer..I am not expecting much but rather than just throw out the seeds I thought I would try to grow something.


..too much of late..and I need to take more pictures of the work..add that to my task list.


…and Jango, the ever diligent guard dog is on watch for destructive Japanese Maple pest, Loki..she is nowhere near as she is in the woods nearby peering up a tree at an invisible squirrel…but I guess that is better then knawing on a tree and making the growth invisible.



Peeper Dome


..peepers are the unofficial animal mascot of our place..not to mention they represent the end of something terrible and cold (old man winter) and the beginning of something wonderful..that being summer. Anyway, we did up our official prediction for when the peepers will start.. look for any form of entertainment as you are stogging a woodstove when you were expecting to be outside enjoying the weather! sorry! hehe


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What a Waste

Been helping my mother clean out the basement of her house…we had some old equipment so we decided to get rid of it and took it to the ‘tech recycling’ place…needless to say I was shocked by the amount of outdated technology that was there…we really do live in a throwaway society and this is one of the best examples of it that I have ever seen.

image is good to get rid of TV’s but replace them with books not new flat screen’s!


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