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Grubbing Clear Pt 1


A quick 15 minute session on the tractor and voila… The driveway is 4ft wider and 60% rougher.


The clearing is slow going.. Mostly due to wanting to save the bigger rocks for a retaining wall/levels due to the elevation drop.. We really had to dig down for some of the larger maple stumps which screws with the overall development but clearing the stumps and cover is the initial idea





.. This big quadruple stump has been wily..sitting on a pile of rocks to make matters interesting. Swearing at it hasn’t seemed to help matters either. We are nearing the 1/2 way point of our pre winter clearing plan.. Really amazing what you can get done in 40 hours with a 6000lb piece of equipment (although 4 of those hours were for removing the backhoe/putting the backhoe back on… Which was a thoroughly unenjoyable experience)!

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Almost There….


20150901_1653524 shelves down (up) and 2 more to go. The shed is turning into an oasis of storage..I love going into the shed and being able to find what I am looking for without having to: jump, climb, push or pull things out of the is amazing.

Now I just wish I wanted to finish the shed project off..but the tractor has pulled me in another is also keeping me away from the pressing matter of prepping 2 cords of wood for the winter..which I need to take care of soon..blurg.

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