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Now that is what I call a snowstorm!

the homestead...with snow...

Well the inevitable finally happened..we got our first real storm last night…it had snowed but not more then 2-3 inches..which is easy to drive in. I had gone out and shovelled late in the evening last night ( around the truck ) but today we need to get to work!

..the dogs love snow days..A* gets to stay home...I get to go to work. Nova loves it so much she shoots lasers out of her eyes to celebrate.

..the driveway was not packed down but I did not have any issues driving out. I did leave huge ruts in the road/driveway..I need a way to keep that from happening because once it hardens in that configuration I am going to have issues…

junk snow art..I don't know art but I know what I like..and I like it when snow covers the things I don't like so I don't have to see it.

..the other thing about the drivway was that there were around 15 trees blocking my way out. The show was heavy so I kept having to stop and shake the trees in the way to remove the snow..then they would pop up and out of the way..this is a temporary solution..I will need to cut some down. Overall the first snow storm went better than expected.

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1st Christmas..


What is Christmas without a Christmas tree? What a completed house needs is a beautiful Christmas tree..and since our place is still being drywalled and we could not find the tree stand we had to improvise. So tonight I went outside and hacked the top off a pine, cut off all the limbs on one side and screwed it into a wall.

Nova disguises herself as an unwrapped present

..sure it looks like crap..but as the sayings go: ‘’s the thought that counts.’ and ‘it is better to give than to recieve’ long as the dogs like it I am OK with it. It is the 23rd now and on the 26th this monstrosity is coming down.




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Snow Milk

First (small) snowfall in the new place..good thing we got that woodstove installed. I am also glad it was the weekend and not a workday..I had fears of snow in here but this looks like it is going to be fine! A* takes a moment to celebrate and drink milk in the first snow of the year which is a tradition…starting next year.

I have not seen any neighbours out shovelling. Odd.


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