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Unlucky Rabbit

Anyone see an unlucky rabbit around? Found an unlucky foot but not that rest…

..and with all the rain and warm weather our driveway is actually in pretty good shape..compared to the road that leads to our driveway. We work at keeping water from running down our driveway to stop things like this from happening ever againĀ ( cause we have been there and done that).but looks like the road needs some work ..water logged and water running down the middle of the road = tracks = more tracks = deeper tracks = deep mud. We would bring the tractor down to work on it but we don’t want to get it really is nice walking weather!

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Warmer weather..and we welcome it..Still snowbanks but every little bit of melting helps..a nice end of Feb warm snap is just what the psyche needed to tell the truth!



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A Tale of 3 Snow Days..or 4.

Nice..a snow day, no school..Lets make a snowman!

Another snow day..2 in 1 week! NICE!

( it IS nice to have almost no snow on the roof thanks to the metal roof install during the summer though!..I would have been up there by now usually!!)


..a 3rd snow seems excessive


..oh crap, a 4th snow day in 7 days…DARG!



OK, we learned out more posts mentioning lack of snow. Good thing we have our tractor though..looks like snowshoe weather!

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February is not so bad..except the cold and snow..

while February is no is rather nice that we are a month and a half further away from the longest days of the year. At least now the morning strolls are partially lit! Sure beats the dark doldrums of December!..and all on a freshly plowed driveway!



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Posted by on February 7, 2017 in Construction