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Beach Power Pellets

Odd. A* found this on the beach..I thought it might be slag or something. A rock?..could it be a power pellet?

..and speaking of power pellets, long explanations and zucchini based baking, this was my first attempt at zucchini loaf ( the pacman cake for those playing along at home). Trying to find a way to deal with the onslaught of zucchini coming in from the garden..a good problem to have when solutions taste this good. Sure, the copious amount of honey has something to do with it.

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Recent Trail Shots..

..some shots from a recent trail camera time period. Lots of fun stuff going on but with 3200 shots we decided to limit it to the abnormal ( mostly ). Soooo many shots of us and Loki but most of them are the same..a tree moves, a truck goes by, tractoring, Loki chasing squirrels, Loki chasing deer, Loki chasing woods demons ( only she can hear or see but she seems confident that they are there ), chores..etc. It is fun to review the shots but after 15 minutes the shots all seem the same. I did start wearing a cowboy hat to make my security camera shots seem more entertaining so stay tuned, I should have one up in another 8 months or so. Battery life is amazing in this trail camera.

Yes, I love my hiding spot (I moved it finally ), the longest I have ever had one of the cameras in one spot. I also lost one of my other spots too when the birdhouse which usually holds it finally disintegrated. Not that a mourning dove ever set foot it it ( I guess poorly designed overly big birdhouses are not their thing).

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This Hausen is No Home – Making a Wood Hausen

..more wood stacked. Money in the bank $$!

We tried something different for stacking wood this time and cleared an area in prep of levelling off the area and create some more shade. Our place is hot in the summer and with no shade in the front of the house we are looking to create a level and relaxing place IN THE SHADE. I wish we had thought of this earlier!

..start with something covering the grass/gravel to prevent grass and weeds growing..We put a middle support and attached a string ( to measure the circle )so we would have a consistent circle which we could taper as we got higher in the hausen.

..and several tractor loads later..done. Needs to be covered but it ( theoretically ) should shed moisture well ( once covered ). This one hausen is about 1.5 cord of wood. We did 2 haausen with some leftoever stacked on the side and it is ( by our guestimates ) 4 cord in total.

…and the start of the levelling process..once we remove the remaining railway ties we should be able to begin creating a shaded area near the house. We do need to remove a tree or 21 to optimise the shadenicity. Yes, I made that up.


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Things Change Slowly

Things progress but not at a pace where we feel the need to post all the time. Can sometimes feel like nothing is changing ( as far as new things ) but things do indeed progress. More planting, more mowing, more cutting, more chopping but not much else seems to change too much as far things are concerns..but an update none the less! IN the past

Developed using darktable 2.4.4

Developed using darktable 2.4.4

Developed using darktable 2.4.4

Developed using darktable 2.4.4

Developed using darktable 2.4.4

Developed using darktable 2.4.4

Developed using darktable 2.4.4

these pictures would have been in 50 or so posts. You can thank me for not posting more later :).

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