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Making Annuals

Wow..we get to save ourselves nearly $4 in annuals! What a savings!

OK..not so thrilling but into part 2 of dealing with addictions with shrubs. Propigation through cuttings from a coulple of annuals which we did not use last year as well as a ground cherry and Wandering Jew. The plant. We cut them off from the parent plants 3 weeks ago. Applied root starter then and now all of the seedlings have healthy root growth. We wanted more practice with starting plants from cuttings so we can attain more shrubs and bushes this coming spring via the same method…we are going to do another round of annuals this week is too easy and from 1 plant we should be able to get 20 clones or so in total.

..and we planted lettuce. We have ( and ordered more of ) waaaay too many seeds. So for sun we are trying to grow some lettuce inside.

Prepping for later in the month where we will be putting our veggies into pots as we await the last frost!


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Some 1st Year Garden Results

Garden producing..the new beds need more soil augmentation this fall/spring to help with the soil quality but we are happy enough with things for year 1 with the long bed..

Not wanting to be too adventurous with new varieties we stuck to some of our known favourites..but tried out ground cherries ( a variety of tomato?) and really loved them!

..we already ordered/recieved a pile of shit…manure for future augmentation..many of our other beds need manure too so we ordered big. We also have fall plans to ‘islandize’ some of our perennials..the war of the perennials has been tough on some while allowing others to the point where many of our original beds look completely different due to some plants taking over. We want to keep some of our favourites but these always seem like the ones who are losing bed wars…so a new area of isolation!

…and the manure is in another newer area we are creating with fill from the new area I am pulling stumps from..but more on that later.

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Fighting Addictions

..I have a problem. Every greenhouse, garden center or shop I visit where they are selling shrubs and bushes I buy more..I have plenty but I want more, more, more.

..but today we took steps to start fighting the problem..propagation! is late for doing this and the chances of anything making it are slim..but practice makes perfect..and if we can get these badboys to root this whole process should be really easy in spring!

Hydrangea, pierlis, barberry, nootka, dappled willow and some russian harm in trying!


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New Path to the Garden

Well..still some wood for next year in the way but we levelled off the old raised bed area, created a new path to the lower garden and creaded an ornamental raised bed below the oak/chestnut tree..Amazing how fast things go with the tractor bucket is on.

( but the first shot is of the new area I am pulling stumps up from )

..and once we are happy with things we will wait until fall and then put grass seed down. Grass is not our end goal.but it is much easier to deal with than weeds are!

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Grape Shape

..over the first 5 years of having grapes we have had great success with growing grapes..but in reading about wineries and encouraging proper shape of grapes plants I thought the trellis area could use some augmentation. Early spring I hacked off all of the vines I did not want to keep and limited growth to 2 or 3 vines on each plant with the hopes of training the vines in a more controlled fashion. The though process is that we do not want lots and lots of grapes but we want less grapes with more size and flavor…worth a try…experimentation is fun!


..and as the season progresses I have been giving it a trim up to continually shape the vines..Not a fast process but by this time next year the vines should be all trained up! The trellis looks a little bare this year compared to other years as a result..but the growth is still fairly healthy


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Garden Growing

Well, the garden has been doing OK..soil needs more work as there was too much clay to fix all at once. We made the bed too wide and it is hard to really work as a result but we will make due for now. We also created 2 new smaller and less wide beds for next year ( the park pic ). One thing we did do with these 2 beds is add char ( near 10% ) to help things grow..I have seen that it does not work out in year 1 ( but that was OK as we mostly want to establish the bed now and did not expect vigorous growth in the new beds)…we will see! Next year we are going to have much more concentrated beds.

..and a shot of A* from a recent foggy hike.



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Garden Planted

Well the small garden is planted and covered with mulch..too much of it but we decided to leave it for this year. By our estimations the garden soil may not be up for real growth this year ( but we could be wrong ) rather than overdo it we just want to get some things going. 3 zucchini, a bunch of musk melon, onions, beans, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and more…

We also need to make something to get over top of the beds without having to lean onto the bed and compact things..when we make some more of these this summer we are not going to go nearly as wide..I forgot how hard to tend things are when it is this wide.

ALso, the picture of the growing cherry trees from seed..hopefully in the fall we we have a number of whips to transplant to other locations when they go dormant. They are really small now but we are hoping they make it ( or even 1)…worth it for the time it took to harvest the pits from the trees!

Also, 4 new bushes in this ‘reinvigorated’ area ( 2 varieties of false spiraea and 2 dwarf cherry bushes ( you can only see some of them in this shot ) ..yes we have a problem)  Much of the soil in this bed is from our old garden boxes so it should not need much to get going.

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New Bed Beginnings

…this was the beginning. What started with a group of 3 bushes became 11 new bush beds and 20 bushes. A* will not upload the shots from her phone but I am hoping she will read this and post them as a last resort.


End of the Season?

End of the Season?

Looks like winter is here..the end of all things green and wonderful.

But before we got the snow we had a nice day to finish up the chores. Drain cistern, give everything a go over, turn off the outside water pipe..all the same as every fall. A new addition this year is removal of the gutters in prep of snow sliding off the new metal roof.







Everything we planted this year seems to be doing OK. Having spent so many years monitoring the (so many) plants and shrubs and watching progress has made landscaping least from a recognizing standpoint. While we wait for the snow to start sliding off the roof ( and it ending the sliding) we have to plan and prep cutting area and plan an extended garden with a small orchard.

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How to Make a Huge Batch of Grape Jelly

Step 1: grow grapes and spend time nurturing, supporting and trimming the vines for maximum production\
Step 2: go back in time 3 days to a simpler time when birds did not know that the grapes were a food source…


dang you birdholes! I had plans to eat several hundred biscuits with that jam! I think next year we will harvest a little earlier and not wait for the weather to turn cold..the birds apparently did all damage over the course of 1 day..’Hey, D- I noticed a bunch of birds in the yard yesterday’ but they were not back when I cam home today’ maybe some netting for end of season…or an early harvest..or an ambush. I have a year to plan.

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