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New Views

..I should not get so  excited when I see an updated view from above..but I do! So nice to see a different view of  our place which I don’t normally see…I mean I am tall but not THAT tall!

Not quite the same level of detail as the view from 2008..but then again the area  which has been de-woodified is much larger!

I believe the first shot is some sometime in the summer of 2018…and the cleared area has grown ( at least in the lower left hand size..we cut down and additional 50 trees around the edges in March.


Last ‘Map’ update post

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Not Helping Predicting Peepers

Drat! I had this weekend in my Spring Peeper prediction pool..might be off by a week or 2. We have not had snow in a month..but it would not be April without a late snowstorm. Booo.

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I need to use my camera more…

..bought a new camera last year and I have bouts where:

I want to take photos but don’t.

I don’t want to take photos but I do.

I want to take photos but I don’t want to upload them.

I am so lazy. Anyway, a somewhat blurry photo of A* ( I use manual lenses with varying degrees of success ), our new tomato batch and a nice nightscape/ is the brook near the stillwater taken during the day.

We also spend March break cutting down more trees, drinking large gin and tonics and making massive bonfires..if you are wondering where the photos are please refer to my bouts above.

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Posted by on April 3, 2019 in Construction