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Dull Trail Camera Shots

5000+ photos on the trail camera over an 6 month capture. About 1000 windblown tree shots ( trail cam too high ), 3000 of Loki running around ( dog too hyper ), 2200 truck shots ( we drive too much), 100s of squirrels ( we have gotten Loki to stop barking when she trees a squirrel so we let them be as Loki enjoys the chase ) and juncos ( and othes), morning walks, evening walks, tractor work, yard work… 1 ATV I don’t recognize ( but I think I do ). Fairly dull but worth the peace of mind for the 2 hours it takes me to go through all the shots.

I am sure one of these times I am finally going to capture an image of a Sasquatch.

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Guard Polar Bear Letdown

Well, Casper our guard polar bear has not been so diligent in his duties. Something was in rooting around the yard for grubs overnight..raccoons are the likely culprit..first time we have ever has this happen. Casper had better pick up his guard game..sure it does not help that he is on the opposite side of the tree and being an inanimate object is not doing us any favors either…but it does keep up from having to keep seal meat around at least.


Might be time to break out the live trap and review the trail camera!


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Spring is Starting..I think.

..always slow to turn into summery goodness in these parts…but nature is beginning to run its course. I still cannot believe that the whole section of hens and chicks started with a small 6 plant tray..every year we move new growth further down the rock wall and the hens and chicks love them. I am talking about the plant in picture 2 for the record!

Now, if some spinach and lettuce would just peek out from the planting location we might be able to start eating inexpensive salads again!

And for those keeping track at home, A* won this years peeper prediction date on April 19th. I was off by 17 days. Damn my optimism!

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