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Piles of Wood

Well, we have a whole lot of stacked wood going on now. Most of the area we cleared in the summer is now a wood storage area. download_20190925_074427we also went back to regular stacking vs the Hulsfors from last year. The round shape made covering difficult so we went back to our usual method. Let’s hope for a short burning season!

Yes. Needs some finalizing work but mid task is never a good time to augment short term storage for longevity!

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Some 1st Year Garden Results

Garden producing..the new beds need more soil augmentation this fall/spring to help with the soil quality but we are happy enough with things for year 1 with the long bed..

Not wanting to be too adventurous with new varieties we stuck to some of our known favourites..but tried out ground cherries ( a variety of tomato?) and really loved them!

..we already ordered/recieved a pile of shit…manure for future augmentation..many of our other beds need manure too so we ordered big. We also have fall plans to ‘islandize’ some of our perennials..the war of the perennials has been tough on some while allowing others to the point where many of our original beds look completely different due to some plants taking over. We want to keep some of our favourites but these always seem like the ones who are losing bed wars…so a new area of isolation!

…and the manure is in another newer area we are creating with fill from the new area I am pulling stumps from..but more on that later.

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